KitKat enters the Esports & Gaming space thanks to SPORTFIVE and build a rocket

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With the start of the 2020 Spring Split KitKat became the official partner for the LEC and featured in the LEC broadcast.

With focus on storytelling, corresponding to the KitKat DNA as well as the humorous, empathetic and unpretentious communication style of gamers, KitKat created a digital campaign very well suited for the LEC and its viewers.

75 %

increase in KitKat likability

+ 11 m

organic impressions

776 hrs

exposure time during LEC Spring 2021


As a non-endemic brand, with no tradition in Esports or Gaming, KitKat wanted to make a market entry aligned with its brand heritage and be embraced by the community.  

For activations, KitKat wanted to imbue the brand with positive associations via its native integration as a sponsor of one of the most successful esports tournaments.

The intention was to use refined brand images to embed Nestlé’s iconic chocolate bar in the relevant set of gamers – and to make it their first choice when buying chocolate.

The gaming community is generally open to advertising in an esports context and is even accepting of in-game ads. However, this advertising must slot harmoniously and natively into the game – and it’s mandatory that the brand speaks the community’s language. Otherwise, there’s a substantial risk that the target group won’t look on the brand and its product favourably, and will instead either ignore them or reject them.

"We were able to achieve something special with KitKat and the LEC partnership. Breaks are something negative for fans because the action is interrupted. With KitKat we managed to turn this into something positive and create value for the fans."

Luka Ziegler, Creative Director at build a rocket


Give Esports a BREAK – a multi-media campaign, leveraged on the communication heritage of KitKat, aimed to make the most of the least interesting moments of Esports - the breaks.

This was then used to activate a series of smaller multi-media campaigns like Every Champion Needs a Break, Mission Control & One Break Away.

The campaign grew outside the esports world with a TV commercial, where blockbuster game’s heroes from Ratchet & Clank, Astrobot & Uncharted took a break for KitKat. To kick off the partnership in March 2020, KitKat started with placements in the breaks of the LEC broadcast on YouTube and Twitch during the Spring Split. Now, KitKat is the main partner of the LEC Final, enthusing the gaming community with digital activations, in-game ads, and commercials. Its KitKat Gaming account on Twitter is currently backed by just shy of 60,000 followers.

As a result of the fantastic work, KitKat was nominated for Esports Commercial Partner of the Year at the 2022 Esports Award.

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